Yigal Borochovsky Founder

Yigal Borochovsky

Founder, and a member of the Israeli bar association for over 20 years, adv. Borochovsky has a unique, unusual and wide experience in banking, real estate, commercial law, commercial litigation, class actions and ADR.

Adv. Borochovsky has served as a senior partner at Salomon, Lipschütz & Co., and as a litigation partner in Yuval Levy & Co., where he represented leading Israeli commercial and financial institutions in the largest and most complex litigation proceedings in Israel. He also served as Chief Legal Advisor, Deputy CEO and a member of the senior business management of Discount Mortgage Bank. During his tenure in these positions, adv. Borochovsky has acquired a far-reaching and exceptional expertise in the fields of dispute resolution, commercial litigation, banking and finance, and in 2018, adv. Borochovsky established the Yigal Borochovsky & Co. Law Firm.

Adv. Borochovsky has a broad accumulated legal knowledge accompanied by a deep economic understanding and is highly appreciated in the dispute resolution and commercial litigation legal market. Our clients say that adv. Borochovsky has the unique ability to find simple solutions for the most complicated problems.

Adv. Borochovsky is frequently appointed as a mediator and an arbitrator by the Israeli courts in many legal proceedings, and has personally held hundreds of mediations and arbitrations. All the leading law firms in Israel approach adv. Borochovsky, repeatedly asking him to help them solve ongoing legal proceedings of many years due to adv. Borochovsky’s outstanding reputation as a mediator and arbitrator. 

Furthermore, adv. Borochovsky served as the acting Chairman of the National Banking Committee, and as chairman of the National Disputes and Arbitration Committee of the Bar Association. Previously, adv. Borochovsky served as the acting Chairman of the Courts Committee of the Israeli Bar Association, TLV district, a member of the Advisory Committee for the Appointment of Judges in the Tel Aviv District, and an arbitrator in the Institute of Commercial Arbitration.

In recognition of his merits, in the years 2020-2022 adv. Borochovsky has been ranked as one of the best 8 mediators in Israel by Dun’s 100 ranking guide. In addition, adv. Borochovsky has been ranked as one of Israel’s top mediators by the prestigious international ranking guide Chambers and Partners in 2022.


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