Eliran Gomel Coordinator of Banking and Risk Management

Eliran Gomel

Adv. Eliran Gomel coordinates the banking, compliance and risk management department of the firm. As part of his work, Adv. Eliran Gomel provides ongoing legal counsel and consultation on a wide variety of civil legal issues, particularly financial regulation, to the largest financial institutions in the Israeli market. Adv. Eliran Gomel accompanies the financial institutions closely and advises them on complicated legal and compliance issues.

Adv. Eliran Gomel has a unique experience in accompanying financial entities on complex legal and compliance issues. Eliran is closely involved with a range of financial institutions, from the policy preparation stage, the preparation of multi-year work plans, to actual supervision and execution of review and monitoring of legal risks and compliance risks as well as in accordance with Proper Banking Regulation 308.

Adv. Eliran Gomel also has experience in preparing legal opinions, position papers, and representing financial entities before the various regulators, including the Bank of Israel.

Adv. Eliran Gomel graduated of the College of Management Academic Studies and hold a LL.B with excellence, with an emphasis on public and private international law.

Additional Information

Participated in the 2011 annual International Humanitarian Law Competition (IHL) of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Participated in the 2012 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, where his team won fourth place in the prestigious HARDY C. DILLARD AWARD for Best Memorials.

Adv. Eliran Gomel held a number of academic positions at the College of Management from 2011-2014, including teaching assistant of Dr. Keren Michaeli and coach of the Jessup group for 2013, teaching assistant of Prof. Iris Canor, Chairman of the Debate Club in the College of Management, of which he was one of the founders, and a member of the National Debate League.



The Banks fail in the fight against money laundering on the regulator's fault. The Marker, 26.11.18.